Terms & Conditions

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Conditions of Sale

Passing of Risk and Property

1. The risk in the goods shall remain in the company until the point of delivery to the purchaser when such risk shall pass to the purchaser, and the company shall not be liable for any defects or damage arising after such risk has passed.

2. The property of the goods shall remain in the company until full payment has been received by the company when it shall pass to the purchaser, and the company shall be entitled to receive payment from any insurance claim relating to the goods until title is passed. 

3. During such time as the property in any goods supplied pursuant to this contract remains with the company, the purchaser hereby grants to the company full licence to enter onto the purchaser's property upon reasonable notice to re-possess such good. 

4. The purchaser realises that this order is being made to his personal requirements. The purchaser agrees that he cannot cancel this contract and will pay before delivery.

5. All deliveries will be made to the door of the purchaser. If the purchaser requires placing the goods in situ we cannot be held responsible for accidental damage at the premises of the purchaser.

6. SIZES. All sizes are approximate and subject to the tolerance of +/- 1.25% in accordance with 'Clause 3 of B.S. 3655 - 1974'.


8. LATE DELIVERY. The company will make every endeavour to deliver goods on time, however they cannot be held responsible for late delivery due to circumstances beyond their control. 

9. This order is at nett price, i.e. Nett of all discounts of sale, event or special offer reductions. Nett prices are subject to payment before delivery unless otherwise stated. Interest is charged on overdue accounts at 2% per month.

10. If not arranged at the time of order we will contact you regarding the delivery to arrange a mutually convenient time.We cannot guarantee the time of day we will arrive and any time given is only approximate guidance. We reserve the right to charge for any time wasted due to access to the job not being available, or to postponement with less than 2 clear working days notice. 

11. If you have any special instructions please ensure that they are written overleaf on your invoice and signed by the salesperson. e.g. it is the purchases responsibility to check access and clear and obstructions for goods beign delivered. This list is not exhaustive.